Quickbooks Integration

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Quickbooks is a one-way integration, native to the EasyLlama Dashboard. It's easy to set up, and will sync Learners nightly from Quickbooks to your EasyLlama dashboard. You may also auto-assign courses and send links to your Learners by email.

To get started:

  1. From your EasyLlama dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations
  2. Click Connect on the Quickbooks tile.
  3. You will be directed to Quickbooks - enter your credentials (if prompted) and approve the connection request.
  4. You will then be redirected to the EasyLlama Integrations Page. 
  5. You may click the three dots on the Quickbooks tile and then "Settings" to adjust the synchronization settings. You may adjust your Integration Settings before synchronizing. Click here for a Settings guide. Please note that Quickbooks does not return the "role" field (supervisor or non-supervisor). As a result, you cannot automatically assign the harassment prevention training.
  6. If you made Settings changes, click "Save" to synchronize, or click the three dots on the Quickbooks tile and choose "Synchronize" to start the integration. The synchronization may take several minutes, or longer for very large organizations. Please be patient; clicking multiple times may cause duplication or other issues.
  7. When you’ve been connected successfully, check that Quickbooks is listed as "Connected" on the Integrations page. 
  8. Learners in Quickbooks will automatically sync to your EasyLlama account at midnight every day. Records are matched between systems based on email address.
Fields that we sync





Mobile phone


Primary email address




Employee number

Employee ID

Hired date

Start date

Primary address


Note that the role (supervisor/non-supervisor) is not available with the Quickbooksintegration.

  • To ensure a successful sync:

All new employees must be fully onboarded in Quickbooks. 

All employees must have a work address in Quickbooks.

  • This determines their location in EasyLlama, and what regional training they will be assigned (if applicable). Currently there are state-or region-specific courses for Harassment Prevention and HIPAA

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