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This course was designed to provide individuals and organizational employees with an awareness of cybercriminal activity, potential cyber threats, and best practices for protecting sensitive data. With the threats increasing and the fines for violations more expensive than ever, implementing a solid cybersecurity plan has never been more vital.

What Employees Will Learn
  • Your employees will gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience to support the strategic goals of your organization.
  • The various types of cyber threats that could potentially impact an organization
  • Discuss best practices for protection against cybercriminal activity
  • Effective password protocol
  • The motives behind cybercriminals

Run Time: 30 Minutes


Chapter 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Chapter 2: Cybercriminals

Chapter 3: Cyber Threats

Chapter 4: Best Practices

Chapter 5: Password Protection

Chapter 6: What Have We Learned?

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