How Do I Cancel my EasyLlama Subscription?

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All EasyLlama subscriptions renew automatically on an annual basis.

Unless you have signed a multi-year contract, you may cancel anytime up to 60 days before your annual renewal date. You must submit your request to cancel by email to

We request that you provide the following:

Reason for Cancellation: This helps us gather data to improve our service and product. Please, also let us know if there is anything we can do to prevent you from cancelling - we'll be happy to help if we can!

Effective date: Immediate or On Renewal. If you are requesting a specific future date, you will be set to close on renewal and will need to reach out on the specified date to let us know you would like your account closed.

Important: If your subscription was not canceled before auto-renewal, no refunds will be granted, per the Terms and Conditions purchasers agree to when making payment.

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