SCIM Provisioning with Okta

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Okta integration is a premium feature available only on Enterprise Accounts unless otherwise negotiated with your Account Executive.

If your organization uses Okta to manage your employees’ access to tools and services, you can take advantage of Okta’s “Provisioning” feature to automatically grant access to EasyLlama to your admin users and learners.

The integration between Okta and EasyLlama that enables this provisioning to occur is built around an industry-standard protocol known as SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). To learn more about how Okta works with SCIM, please see this article.

The remainder of this guide is focused on enabling you to configure both EasyLlama and Okta to get provisioning up and running for your organization.

Supported features

  • Create admin users / learners
  • Update admin users / learners attributes
  • Deactivate admin users / learners

Step-by-step configuration instructions

1) Click “Applications” > “Applications” > “Browse App Catalog

(If you already have EasyLlama as an application, click on it).


Search for “EasyLlama”.

Click “Add

Click “Done“.

2) Click the “Provisioning” tab and click “Configure API Integration

3) Next, click the checkbox “Enable API Integration“.

4) Under the “Provisioning” tab, your EasyLlama organization ID and click "Save".

Your EasyLlama organization ID will be provided by your customer success team.

5) Next, on the “Provisioning” tab click “To App” and click “Edit

6) Check each box for EasyLlama’s supported provisioning actions: 

  • Create Users
  • Update User Attributes
  • Deactivate Users

Click "Save".

9) Next, click the tab for “Sign On” and click “Edit

10) Select Email for the Application username format and click “save”

How to provision learners into EasyLlama

1) In Okta, go to Directory > People

2) Add a new user or select an existing one

3) Click "Assign Applications" and select the application you just installed, "EasyLlama SCIM".

4) A form will appear. You can enter EasyLlama training tags to automatically assign specific courses to learners (optional). Since these tags were previously only used for file uploads/feeds, they are located under File upload information in the dashboard. You can find instructions here to locate them: Adding Learners using the File Upload Method -> How to get the Training Codes/Learning Journey codes

5) Click "Save".

6) Learners will be provisioned in your EasyLlama account and will be assigned training courses (if selected).


For admin users: first names, last names and email addresses are required

For learners: first names and last names are required

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