Technical Issues

Admin Dashboard Login Issues

If you are unable to log in, and getting unauthorized errors, or have reset your password, but are then unable to log in again after logging out, please try the following: First, clear your cache and…

Updated 2 weeks ago by Lyndsay

How to ensure deliverability of EasyLlama reminders

To ensure the best deliverability of notification emails, we highly recommend adding the domain to your list of safe senders. Most of our email reminders are sent from the reminders@eas…

Updated 3 weeks ago by Lyndsay

No Next Button - Can't move to the Next Slide

One of the most common issues learners experience is not being able to move on to the next slide, or are not able to see a "Next" Button. Here are some reasons a "next" button may not appear or work:…

Updated 1 week ago by Lyndsay