Paycor Integration

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Paycor is a one-way integration, native to the EasyLlama Dashboard. It's easy to set up, and will sync Learners nightly from Paycor to your EasyLlama dashboard. You may also auto-assign and send course links to your Learners.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Paycor Developer portal and following and follow the steps 1 to 2 (Getting started):
    1. Step 1: Create a developer account
    2. Step 2: Build an application and invite to it
  2. Under "Data access" of the application, grant the following permissions:
    1. View Certification Information for Employee: create and update
    2. View Employee Information
      1. View Employee Employment Dates
      2. View Employee Manager & Position
      3. View Employee Position
      4. View Employee Status
      5. View Employee Work Location
    3. View Legal Entity Employees: check all
    4. View Legal Entity Work Locations
    5. View Employee Person
    6. View Legal Entity Persons
      1. View Employee Records
      2. View Employee Addresses
      3. View Person Email
    7. View Person Information
      1. View Employee Records
      2. View Person Addresses
      3. View Person Email
  3. Activate the application (select Production) by clicking here. You will need to provide the following secrets from the application:
  • OAuth Client ID: Located on the Application Detail Screen > Security Connections tab
  • Application scope: Located on the Application Detail Screen > General Tab
  • OAuth Client Secret: You should have saved this during the initial creation of the Application during “Step 2 - Build Application”
  1. Copy the Refresh Token and send it to EasyLlama. We will also need your Paycor Entity ID.
  2. That's it!

Fields that Sync





Work email


Job Title






Hire date

Start date

Employee number

Employee ID

Employment type

Employment type

Work location




Work state


To ensure a successful sync:

All new Learners must be fully onboarded in Paycor. 

Emails are pulled from Work Email, not Personal Email, so be sure the emails are present or duplicates records will be created.

All Learners must have a work address in Paycor.

  • This determines their location in EasyLlama, and what regional course they will be assigned (if applicable). Currently there are state-or region-specific courses for Harassment Prevention and HIPAA

Supervisors must have at least one direct report assigned in Paycor to appear as Supervisors in EasyLlama.

  • Important for Harassment Prevention training, since Supervisors should be assigned the Supervisor version

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