Edit a Learner's Profile information: Individual and Bulk Updating Learner Details

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There are two ways to edit a Learner's information in your EasyLlama Dashboard. There is the individual method and the bulk method.

To Edit future Renewal dates for Learners, please refer to this article: Changing a Learner's Renewal Date
To make changes to a single Learner from their profile:
  1. Click on their name to access their profile.

  1. Click "Edit" at the top of their profile.

  1. Make your Edits and click "Save" at the bottom of the profile.

To make changes to one Learner, or multiple Learners, using the Bulk Actions Menu:

  1. Click on the bubble to the left of one or more Learner names:
  1. A purple action bar will appear - click on "More" then "Edit."

  1. Use this menu to make changes to the selected Learners and click "Update."

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