Bystander Intervention (2022 mandate in Chicago)

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The City of Chicago has now added an additional course to their Harassment Prevention mandate. Employees in the City of Chicago are now required to have one hour of Bystander Intervention training every year. You can find out more information by clicking here. 

EasyLlama has created a course to meet this new requirement. It is a separate course and will require one license. It's available in your dashboard's Training Catalog Tab where you can send yourself a full demo or assign it to your employees.

This course meets the mandates for the City of Chicago, but is a valuable addition to Harassment Prevention training that can be used in any region.
Chapter List
  1. Introduction
  2. What is Bystander Intervention?
  3. Types of Bystander Intervention
  4. Engaging Your Resources
  5. Engaging Other Bystanders
  6. Engaging the Target
  7. Engaging the Perpetrator
  8. De-Escalation
  9. Conclusion

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