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Bob Integration is a one-way integration that will allow you to sync Learners daily, auto-assign courses, and send notifications. To get started, please follow these steps:

1. Create an API service user in Bob

While you can generate an API key under your own user, it is recommended to add another user to your Bob account just for the purpose of this integration.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Automation > Service Users > Manage > New Service User

or Click here to find the instructions how to create a service user in Bob.

Once the service user has been created, you will see this window. Copy these values into a document so you can access them for Step 3.

2. Add the Bob service user to a role

a) In Bob, go to Settings > Account > Permission Groups and click on "Add permission group"

b) Enter a name for the group, e.g. "easyllama"

c) Add the "easyllama" service user to it and click "Apply"

3. Manage permissions

You will now be able to assign specific permissions to that group.

a) Under "Features" > "Advanced Analytics", check the following permissions:

Address > View selected employees' Address sections

Employment > View selected employees' Employment sections

Lifecycle > View selected employees' Lifecycle sections

b) (optional) Under "Applies to", select the "Select by condition" button and select the following statuses: Hired, Employed and Terminated.

Click on Apply.

c) Click on "Save Changes"

4. Enable the integration on EasyLlama

Go to your EasyLlama dashboard and follow the steps:

- Click on Settings > Integrations

- Look for the Bob integration and click Connect

- Enter the user ID (e.g. SERVICE-123) and token that you generated on Bob into the text fields

5. That's it!

Congratulations! Your Bob account is now connected to EasyLlama. You can adjust your integration settings before clicking "Synchronize." For a guide to settings, click here. Learners will synchronize on a daily basis.

Fields that Sync









Start date

Start date

Mobile phone




Employment contract

Employment type

Site address


Work manager / reports to




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