What is Post-Pay, and how does it work?

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Post-Pay is a standard feature for PRO accounts that allows you to continue assigning training after your PRO Plan licenses have been used without the need to "top up" by upgrading continually. If you have a PRO plan, and a valid credit card on file in your dashboard, this feature is automatically enabled.

How it works:

When you have used all of your licenses, you can still assign training. At the end of the month, all of the licenses used will be added up and your EasyLlama subscription will be upgraded to the nearest multiple of ten. You will be charged for the licenses at your plan rate, and they will be applied to your overage. If there are any left over after the overage is covered, they will be available for use and valid for 12 months. Your subscription renewal date will remain the same, but at the new subscription level. If your needs change before your annual renewal date, you may upgrade or downgrade in multiples of 10 any time. (See: How do I add more licenses? Upgrading and downgrading your EasyLlama Subscription)

Example: You signed up for a PRO 100 subscription with an initial 100 licenses on January 15th, 2023. By the end of July, you have used all of your initial 100 licenses to assign courses to your employees. In August, you hire 12 more people, and need to train them.

With Post Pay, here's how it would work: You would simply assign the courses to the new Learners, as needed throughout the month. At the end of the month the 12 licenses you used would be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10, so 20 licenses. You would be charged for 20 licenses at your current pricing, and your subscription would be automatically upgraded from PRO 100 to PRO 120. After the 12 licenses used have been covered, you will have 8 licenses remaining that can be used to assign training as needed. they will be valid for 12 months after purchase. You will renew at PRO 120 on January 15th, 2024, unless you upgrade or downgrade before your renewal. You can always see what level your subscription is, and when you will renew by going to Settings > Billing. Then, click "Details" on the Current Subscription tile.

Enabling Post Pay

If you are on a PRO plan and have a card on file, but Post Pay is not enabled, please reach out to Support@easyllama.com if you would like it enabled.

Disabling Post Pay

Prefer to upgrade manually in increments of ten ahead of time? You can do that with Post-Pay enabled, but you may email support@easyllama.com and request that we disable this Post Pay for you. You will be able to upgrade from your dashboard in multiples of ten under Settings > Billing. You must have a payment method on file, either way.

How do I keep track of licenses used?

You can see how many licenses you have, or how many you will be charged for at the end of the month by going to Settings > Billing. Under Current Subscription, and Click "Details" on the Current Subscription tile to see more information about your subscription, including subscription level, cost per license and annual renewal date. You will see either positive or negative balance of licenses, or if you have zero licenses, you'll be prompted to add more.

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