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One of the most common issues learners experience is not being able to move on to the next slide, or are not able to see a "Next" Button.

The most common reason a Next button does not appear is that a Learner has not chosen all of the correct answers for a Knowledge Check when they have been prompted to "Select all that Apply." They must choose all of the correct answers to advance.

Here are some reasons a "next" button may not appear or work:

Often the next button gets hung up, and the learner simply needs to refresh. 

  • Occasionally some elements will get hung up in the browser and not appear - this happens often with the "Next" button.
  • Learners should always first try refreshing their browser, completing everything on the slide once more, if needed, and then the button should appear. 

All videos or sound bytes have not been played, or activity has not been completed.

  • Learners should make sure to view all the videos on a multi-video slide, or click all the sound icons, as instructed. Some slides have multiple videos or text blocks that must be navigated through by clicking either left/right, or up/down errors.
  • Learners should always wait for one to complete before going on to the next one. Starting the next Audio or Video clip early may mean they will need to re-watch the whole clip before they can move on. 

 Wrong answers have been chosen on a quiz, activity, or Knowledge Check. 

  • Some activities will not allow advance until the correct answers have been chosen. 
  • Many of these direct the learner to choose all answers that apply - be sure they have selected all answers that apply - once they do, the Next button will appear and they can proceed.
  • Some will require a learner to click, drag, or remove incorrect answers that have been chosen before choosing the correct answers and advancing.

If none of these seem to be the issue or if a particular learner is continually experiencing technical issues with a course, please be sure they are using the most up-to-date version of a supported browser. Chrome is the most highly recommended browser, followed by Firefox, Edge and Safari. Internet Explorer, Duck-Duck-Go, and other browsers are not supported. Please refer to: Overview: Technical Issues.

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