Overview: Technical Issues

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My Learner can't open the course, or start the training.

This is nearly always due to browser incompatibility, network/connection issues, and devices that are not optimized for this type of activity. Please see the next section for compatible browsers.

If a Learner can't open the course or sees a white screen only, they should:

  • Refresh and try again
  • Try opening their link in another browser - they may right-click the start button and copy their link from the email notification and then paste it into the browser's address bar if needed.
  • Make sure their browser is up-to-date and compatible.
  • Make sure JavaScript and sound are enabled.
  • Try the course in another browser - Chrome is the most recommended.
  • Try the course on another device.
  • Try switching to data or, conversely, try switching to wi-fi if already using data on a mobile device.
  • Make sure there are not a large number of apps running in the background on a mobile device
Which Browsers are Supported by EasyLlama?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are supported. Please use the most up-to-date version, with JavaScript and sound enabled, to ensure the best performance. In unsupported browsers, Learners may encounter performance issues and functionality may be limited. Other browsers, like Internet Explorer and Duck Duck Go, are not supported.

Safari on iPad is not recommended. Safari can be problematic on any device, and if possible we recommend trying Chrome if issues persist.

Tablets often use alternative or stripped-down versions of browsers, which may also cause compatibility issues.

On some mobile devices, when opening a link from an email, a default unsupported browser is automatically used. Learners should be sure that they have their default browser set to a compatible browser. Often on these devices, the default browser is set to something that looks and acts like Chrome or another browser, but is actually something like the Samsung browser or the Google application, or a stripped-down version of a browser, not the actual browser.

In this case, the Learner can use their magic link and copy+paste it into their browser's URL bar. They can right-click the start button and copy it, or you can send it to them: How do I copy+paste a course link to send from my own email?

Did You Know? Nearly all technical issues experienced by Learners are due to incompatible or out-of-date browsers!
The Screen is Freezing, or Learner is Unable to Advance to the Next Slide

While EasyLlama has occasional technical issues, they are rare. Technical issues with EasyLlama training are usually caused by the individual user's browser, network, or device. Here are some basic troubleshooting steps if your Learners experience these issues:

Refresh the browser and try clicking the play button again

Be sure to use an up-to-date, supported browser -Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari

Be sure there is a solid connection and sufficient bandwidth

Make sure Audio and JavaScript are enabled

If this is occurring on a Knowledge Check slide - many of these direct the learner to choose all answers that apply - be sure they have selected all answers that apply - once they do, the Next button will appear and they can proceed.

If issues persist, if possible, your Learner should try opening the course in another browser, or on another device (tablet, smartphone, computer).

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Learners are not Receiving Email Notifications

If your Learners are not receiving email notifications, please first click on their name on the Learners tab to see their profile and then check the following items:

1. Is their email present and free of typos? If not, click “edit,” correct the address, and resend by clicking “notify”

2. Has a course been assigned? If not, click “Assign Training” at the top and follow the prompts to assign a course and notify them. No notification will be sent to Learners without an incomplete course assigned to them.

3. Has a notification been sent? Check the Latest Activity section of their individual profile to see if any notification was ever sent. If not, click Notify again!

There is an article on how to send notifications, if needed: Send Training Links by Email

If, after checking these items, your Learners are still not receiving notifications, please consult with your IT to add reminder@easyllama.com to the Safe Senders list, or whitelist the easyllama.com domain, and then try re-sending the notifications.

Note - rare issue: If a notification was sent to a new employee before their email was fully activated, it may have caused a hard bounce. Please contact Support if you believe this has occurred. If a Learner marked the notification as Spam, we are not able to resolve this from our side.

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