SAML 2.0 with Microsoft - Manual Configuration Guide

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This feature is available by default for Enterprise accounts. If the Authentication feature in Step 5 is not available in your dashboard, please reach out to to have it enabled.

Our SAML 2.0 integration will allow employees from your organization to log in to EasyLlama without using passwords.

We support the following roles:

- EasyLlama admin

- EasyLlama learner

Create an EasyLlama Entra app

  1. Go to your Azure account - Go to your Microsoft Entra account
  2. Create a new app - Click on Applications > New Application and create a new app. You can name it "EasyLlama SAML"
  3. Set up the app - In the left-side menu, click on Single Sign-on and select SAML
  4. In another tab, open your EasyLlama dashboard and go to Settings > Authentication > SAML

Enter the following:

  • Basic SAML Configuration:
  • Attributes & Claims:
    • Unique User Identifier: should be the user email
    • userType: the role assigned to the user - can be "admin", "learner" or both "admin,learner"
    • training_tags: unique training codes that will be assigned after the first login
    • ... and more - see the screenshot below

Add the SAML settings in EasyLlama

  1. Add the SAML settings to your Easyllama dashboard - Go to your EasyLlama dashboard and click Settings > Authentication. Contact your Account Manager if that option isn't available on your account.

Enter the following items:

Congratulations, your SAML integration is now ready to be used!

Test your SAML login

  1. Log in with Microsoft: Go back to your Microsoft account. Add your own user to the SAML application, then go to My Apps. You should be logged in to your EasyLlama account, either as an admin or a learner.

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