Adding Learners to your Dashboard

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Before learners can take a course, they must be added to the dashboard as Learners. This includes those who may have already been added as Admin users.

There are three ways to add Learners:

Manual Entry

For small organizations, this is usually the simplest method. Learners are entered one-by-one by going to the Learners tab and clicking the "Add New Learners" button at the top right of the page.

Simply click "Add New Learners" and choose "Manually" when prompted. Then fill out the Learner's information, and follow the prompts to assign courses and send the notifications. If you do not wish to assign or notify, you can always close out of the prompts and return later.

File Upload

This method will allow you to upload an Excel or .csv file with all of your Learners at one time. It will also allow courses to be assigned at the same time. Once uploaded, if you assigned the course via upload, you will only have to send the notifications to get started. When using this method, it's very important to review and follow the instructions found in this article: Adding Learners via File Upload.

HR Software Integration

This will allow you to connect your EasyLlama dashboard to HR software, such as Gusto or Bamboo HR. Your Learners will be synced to your EasyLlama dashboard, and you can enable it to auto-assign and notify new hires of the courses. Go to Settings > Integrations to get started. Additional articles available in the Integrations Category.

Note: If you are using an LMS with SCORM files, your learners will be synced to your EasyLlama dashboard for tracking when they open an assigned EasyLlama course. You should not add them manually to the EasyLlama dashboard.

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