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If your Learners using personal email addresses like Yahoo or Gmail: Please ask them to check their spam/trash/junk folders. For Gmail, they may have tabs for different types of emails, like "Promotions" or "Updates" - please ask them to check all folders and tabs - they may also search for Learners using your company's email address should also check junk/spam, and run a search for

If the invitations are not found, you may use the following troubleshooting steps.

From the Learners tab, please click on the name of one of the Learners to access their individual profile and check the following:

  1. Is their email present and free of typos? If not, click “edit” at the top of their record, correct the email address, and resend by clicking “notify” at the top of their record.
  2. Has a course been assigned? Notifications are only sent to Learners with courses that have not been completed. If no course has been assigned, assign one and renotify the Learner.
  3. Has a notification been sent? There are two ways to check:
Check the Activity History section of their individual profile

Click the Learner's name to open their profile, and then click on "See Activity History" to see a list of dates when notifications were sent.

No dates = no notifications sent. If no notification was sent, click Notify to send one now. There is an article with additional information, and alternate was to send notifications, if needed: Send Training Links by Email

Add the new "Last Notification Sent" column to your Learners tab

We recently added this feature so you can quickly see at a glance whether all of your Learners have been sent a notification without clicking into each profile. To add this column, click "Columns" at the top-right of your Learners tab and add it by clicking the bubble for "Last Notification Sent" and then "Apply" - you will now have a column that shows when the last notification was sent to each Learner. If there is no date, no notification has ever been sent.

If, after checking these items, your Learners are still not receiving notifications, we highly recommend whitelisting or adding the domain to your list of safe senders. Email reminders are sent from You can find more information about this here: How to ensure deliverability of EasyLlama reminders

Note - rare issue: If a notification was sent to a new employee before their email was fully activated, it may have caused a hard bounce. Please contact Support if you believe this has occurred and include any examples of Learners who have not received their notifications. If a Learner marked the notification as Spam, we are not able to resolve this from our side.

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How to ensure deliverability of EasyLlama reminders

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