Why is the wrong name on the certificate or appearing throughout the course?

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There are a few reasons the name may be incorrect on a Learner's completion certificate, or appearing within the course.

The email on a Learner's record belongs to another Learner.

Check the Learner's record in the dashboard to assure their training is not being sent to another Learner. If the course is emailed to another Learner, it will still connect back to the record it came from. This could have happened due to an issue when uploading, an error during manual creation, or because an admin changed the name instead of creating a new record.

This happens frequently. One employee can't find the link that was emailed to them so their supervisor or peer forwards their own link. Links are unique for each Learner, so they should not be shared with other Learners.

We see this when admin users manually send copy+pasted links to Learners through email, Slack, or other methods.

If using Kiosk mode: A Learner chose the wrong name in the Kiosk dropdown
My Learner sent me a picture and their name is on the training, but not on the certificate - how did that happen?

When the course is opened, during the onboarding, the Learner has the opportunity to change their preferred name here:

Changing the name here changes how the Learner is greeted during this and all future courses, when being congratulated at the end of the course, and on their training page. This may lead a Learner to believe that the course will now be credited to them, but this is not the case - they will need to use their own link.

More about preferred names and how they are used can be found here: What is a "Preferred Name" in EasyLlama Training?

My Learner opened a course and was greeted by someone else's name

The Learner has either used someone else's link and is accessing that person's training or someone else used their link for the current or previous course and changed the preferred name. A third possibility - some HRIS' sync over preferred names - the preferred name could be incorrect in the HRIS.

The name on the certificate contains the word "Demo"

The course taken is a demo only course. The Learner may have gone to EasyLlama's marketing site and sent themselves a demo. This happens sometimes when a Learner knows they need to take training with EasyLlama but didn't receive an email with the link - they may think they need to go to our website and log in, and when they can't log in they enter their email for a free demo. This may also happen if an admin sends themselves a demo course through the training library in the dashboard.

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