How do I add more licenses? New subscription model including new Unlimited plans!

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This article applies to Starter and PRO subscriptions. Enterprise subscribers should refer to their agreement, or reach out to their Customer Success Manager with any questions, or requests to upgrade. You can find contact details for your CSM under Settings > Billing.

We are excited to announce an update to our subscription renewal process. To create a more seamless experience for our valued clients, renewal will now be automated based on your usage.

What does this mean?

EasyLlama will now grow with you! When you need additional licenses, you'll simply upgrade to a larger annual subscription from the Billing tab of your dashboard. You’ll be charged the difference between your current subscription and your new subscription, and the additional licenses will be added immediately. You may upgrade as many times as necessary throughout the period of your annual subscription.

Your subscription renewal date will not change from the original date, and you’ll be automatically renewed at your new subscription level. If you don't add any licenses during your subscription period, or don't use all of your licenses, you’ll renew at the same subscription level the following year.

Example: You subscribed to Starter 30, and used all your licenses to train your employees. Your company has grown, and you have three new hires to train. You’ll simply upgrade to a larger plan from the Billing tab of your dashboard. If you choose Starter 35, for example, you’ll be charged for five more licenses at your current subscription pricing, and they’ll be provisioned immediately. If you need more, you may upgrade at any time. Then, on your annual renewal date, you’ll automatically renew at your upgraded subscription level to accommodate your growth.

What if I use Post-Pay (PRO)?

When using Post-Pay, you will still be charged at the end of the month for overage, but you will be upgraded to the next subscription level - so the next multiple of ten.

What if I need fewer licenses next year?

We understand that your needs may change, so we've now given you the flexibility to easily downgrade your subscription any time without the hassle of contacting Support. Simply navigate to the Billing tab of your EasyLlama dashboard and click "Details" on the Current Subscription tile. From there, click on your plan to make changes before your annual renewal date.

Starter Subscribers - May upgrade or downgrade in multiples of 5

Pro Subscribers - May upgrade or downgrade in multiples of 10

How can I add more licenses?

To add more licenses, you can go to Settings > Billing> click "Details" on your Current Subscription tile and click on the name of your plan, or "Add more" If you don't see the options to do this, you may need to add a payment method first! To add one, you can go to Settings > Billing > Click "See All" on the on the Payment Info tab.

You'll be able to choose a new plan from the drop-down. You will also be shown how many licenses will be added (In parentheses):

What is "Unlimited" and how can I upgrade?

We now offer Unlimited plans! Upgrading to Unlimited means you will be able to use one license to assign as many courses as you like to one Learner. We will also be releasing Llama Bites monthly - these are microlearning courses on important topics, and will be exclusive to Unlimited subscribers!

To upgrade to Unlimited, simply go to Settings > Billing > click "Details" on your Current Subscription tile and click "Upgrade" next to "Single" on your License Type.

You'll be given a summary of the change, pricing, and a total due today. You will also be able to see at the bottom details about when you will renew and how much your new annual total will be.

How can I upgrade to Unlimited and add more licenses?

If you want to upgrade to Unlimited and add additional licenses, you will need to first upgrade your current subscription to Unlimited, and then add more licenses, as described above under "How do I add more licenses?"

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