New! Automatic Training Recertification Assignment (Formerly known as renewals)

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Note: Due to confusion between subscription renewals and Learner training renewals, renewals have now been renamed "recertifications."

Due to overwhelming popular demand, EasyLlama has now implemented automatic training recertification!

Previously, dashboard admins were notified when Learners were due to recertify, and were then required to log in to the dashboard, go to the Renewals tab, and manually renew everyone, or manually assign the courses one-by-one and then send them out.

Today, by setting custom Recertification Frequencies for each course, the courses will be automatically assigned and a notification sent to the Learner with no further effort required!

For a reminder on how to adjust the frequency: Training Recertification Frequency - How do I change how often a course is assigned?)

Don't want to automatically recertify? That's okay; click here for instructions to disable this feature: Turning Off Automatic Recertification

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