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SFTP Integration

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EasyLlama is now offering an improved SFTP integration with all the same functions as our HRIS integrations. This is a one-way integration that will allow you to sync a file to EasyLlama to provision and update your Learners, automatically assign training, and send notifications.

Step One: Create a Report

The column names must be exactly as listed. (Eg. "Email" not "Work email") All Learners must have a First Name, Last Name, and an Email or ID unique to them. All others may be left blank if you're not using them.

You may click here to download a template.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email- Can serve as a unique identifier to prevent record duplication - also used to send notifications to Learners.
  • Status - You may use Active, Inactive, or Terminated. Only Active learners will be present in your dashboard.
  • State and/or Country -US employees only need the state name. Non-US Employees only need the country name. You may use both. Will be used when assigning Harassment Prevention or HIPAA to assign the correct region.
  • Role: You must enter supervisor or non-supervisor - only these values will be accepted. Titles like "Manager" or "Shift Supervisor" can be added to the Title field. The Role field will determine whether a Learner receives Supervisor or Non-Supervisor courses when assigning Harassment Prevention training.
  • ID – Employee's internal ID - can be used for matching records to prevent duplication if the Learner has no email address.
  • Title (optional) – Learner’s Title
  • Location (optional) - Name of the Learner's work Location - often used for companies with multiple offices
  • Department (optional) - Learner's department within your organization.
  • Manager (optional) – Name of Learner’s supervisor. (e.g. John Doe)
  • Phone number (optional) -(e.g. 650-312-1122)
Step 2: Send Credentials to EasyLlama

Once created, you'll host the file and provide EasyLlama with credentials to access it. We will need the sftp server's ip or remote hostname, a username and password, and the name of the directory where the file resides.

Step 3: EasyLlama Connects and Tests the Integration

We will connect the integration and initiate and monitor the first sync. We'll let you know the status and if any adjustments need to be made.

Step 4: Customize your Settings

Once the integration has been tested, we'll let you know when it's ready. You will then be able to adjust your settings within your EasyLlama dashboard using the guidance found here: Integration Settings

Step 5: Your Integration Syncs Daily

That's it! Your file will sync daily. New Learners will be added and inactive Learners will be archived. Courses can also be automatically assigned per your dashboard settings.

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