Add Additional Dashboard Admins

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Adding Additional Administrative Users is easy - here's how:

  1. In your EasyLlama dashboard, go to Settings > Users.
  2. Click Add User+ at the top-right.
  3. Follow the prompts to add name, email address, and access level. Most users are Full Access Users.
  • Full Access users have access to all dashboard features, including those of the other user types.
  • Learners Access Only users have access to only portions of the dashboard needed to assign courses, send notifications monitor progress, and other simple tasks.
  • Location Only users are implemented for larger organizations with multiple business locations.
  • Billing Access users will be able to add/remove payment methods and make purchases.
  • Integration Access users will be able to set up and make settings changes to HRIS integrations.
  1. Once you have filled out the information, click Submit, and an email will be sent to the new admin user, prompting them to log in for the first time.

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