LMS SCORM integration - Using EasyLlama's courses in your LMS

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Great news! If you have an LMS that accepts SCORM file uploads, it's one of the easiest ways to implement EasyLlama's courses!

It's really simple:

  1. Contact support@easyllama.com and tell us which courses you need, and which file format. If you're unsure, we'll try SCORM 2004 first. We offer the following formats: AICC, CMI5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd edition, Tincan.
  2. We'll send you links to download your files.
  3. You'll download the files and upload them into your LMS.
  4. You'll assign courses to your Learners and roll it out using your LMS.
  5. The SCORM file will track back to your EasyLlama dashboard to keep track of seat usage and your training data. Employee records will appear in EasyLlama when an employee starts the course in your LMS, and their progress will be tracked. You'll also be able to see them in the Insights section of the EasyLlama dashboard!
Tips and FAQs
  • If you need help with how to upload the files, how to use your LMS, or how to choose settings within your LMS, we will do our best to assist, but you should first reach out to your LMS Support team.
  • Different Learning Management Systems send varying amounts of Learner data to the EasyLlama dashboard. Some have Learner names, employee IDs and other identifying items, but some do not. We are not able to change this from the EasyLlama side.
  • If you don't wish for your Learners to download Easyllama's certificates, we can hide this feature for you, just email support!
  • We are not able to force re-take if a Learner gets below a certain score. All who complete the course are considered passed from the EasyLlama side. You may be able to set this up in your LMS, but it will require another seat to assign the course again. Additionally, you may need to contact us to allow duplicate courses to be assigned.
  • You'll need to be sure you have sufficient training seats, or employees will receive an error message when accessing the course.
  • Unassigning a course in your LMS does not unassign it in EasyLlama, and archiving a Learner in your LMS does not archive them in EasyLlama. Therefore, it's best practice to log in to EasyLlama from time to time to determine whether you can unassign courses to return seats to your balance. More on this here: How do I delete a Learner? Archiving and Unarchiving Learners and here: Unassigning Courses - Removing Assigned Courses/Replacing Incorrectly Assigned Courses
Fun Fact: Did you know that in most cases, Updates are pushed out automatically to your SCORM files, so you won't need to get a new file every time we update something? It's auto-magic! 🪄🧙🏻‍♂️

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