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Insights Dashboard Overview

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Our Insights dashboard is a dashboard within the dashboard; designed to help you achieve your training goals by providing you with a high-level, visual overview of your Learners' training data.


Filters can be used to drill down to show data in each section for a more specific set of Learners. they can be accessed by clicking "Show filters" at the top-right of the Insights tab. A menu will open at the left side of the dashboard with several options to filter your data. Choose filters from one or more sections and click "Apply" to see the filtered data. If you choose no filters, the data in each widget will apply to all learners.

Available filters

  • Subaccounts - If you have subaccounts, you'll be able to see the data of each subaccount using this filter.
  • Region - filter by training region.
  • Location - filter by work Location
  • Role - filter by Supervisor or Non-Supervisor
  • Department - filter by Department

Insights widgets


The Compliance Widget shows you, in percentage format, how many of your Learners are in Compliant* status. Clicking the "Notify all non-compliant" button will take you to a list of the non-compliant Learners, where you can review the list and notify them.

🦙Llama Pro Tip: for the purposes of this widget, a Learner is considered "Compliant" when they have completed all courses that have been assigned to them, regardless of whether these courses are mandated or optional courses.


The Satisfaction widget measures how satisfied your Learners are with the courses they have taken.


The Participation widget shows the percentage of Learners who have or have not been assigned courses. You may click the "Assign Trainings" button to see a list of Learners who have not been assigned courses, and assign from there.


The Recertifications widget shows you how many Learners are due for recertification. This widget will vary depending on whether or not you have Automatic Recertification enabled.

When Automatic Certification is enabled, you will see the number of Learners due to recertify, and a message to remind you that they will be automatically recertified.

When Automatic Certification is disabled, you'll see a message letting you know how many Learners are due to recertify.

In either case, the words "due for recertification" are clickable, and will take you to a list of the Learners who are due to recertify. You can recertify them from this list, if you wish.

Automatic Recertification on:

Circle chart showing the number one, text beneath reading "1 learners are due for recertification. Don’t worry! EasyLlama will reassign courses automatically."

Automatic Recertification Off:

Circle chart showing the number one, text beneath reading "1 learners are due for recertification."
Course Status

The Course Status Widget is filtered by Location, Department or Role - you can change this by clicking the buttons across the top of the widget. The active filter will have a purple background. If you are not using Departments or Locations the chart will be blank, and you'll need to add them if you'd like the benefit of this widget. Instructions for these can be found here:

To use this widget, choose your filter and the key at the bottom to see how many Learners in each group are Past due, Due for recertification, In progress, or Compliant.

  • The chart displays 5 groups. If you have more than five of any group, you can click "Next" below the chart's key to see more.
  • If you click the name of a group, you will be taken to a filtered list of Learners that meet the criteria.
  • Hovering over the colored bars will allow you to see exact numbers of Learners with the status represented by each color.
Training Overview and Impact Score

This section of the Insights dashboard has its own filter to allow you to see statistics for specific courses - simply choose a course from the drop-down menu at the top-right of this section.

  • Training Overview - See how many Learners have a course assigned and their completion status. Hovering over the corresponding colors in the graph will show you the exact numbers for each status.
  • Impact Score - This graph corresponds to in-course gauge slides that appear in select courses. These appear at the beginning and end of a course and ask the Learner about their understanding or knowledge of the course topic before and after taking the course.
New Learners and Active Learners

This section of the dashboard allows you to see data on newly added and active Learners. This data can be filtered by preset time ranges by clicking on a dropdown menu, or you can set a custom date range.


This widget allows you to see how many courses or Learning Journeys have been assigned over time. Just click on the corresponding filter at the top-right of the chart.


This widget allows you to see how many courses or Learning Journeys have been completed over time. Just click on the corresponding filter at the top-right of the chart to choose Training Courses or Learning Journeys.

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