How do I recertify all of my Learners at the same time? Bulk Recertification

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A Learner's Recertification Date is based on the day they completed the course in relation to the Recertification Frequency settings for the course. However, some organizations prefer to roll out training annually for all Learners at the same time. Since Learner completion dates are likely to vary, adjustments will need to be made for a smooth rollout.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure everyone has completed the course. If some Learners have not completed the course assigned previously, you can change their Due Date and re-notify them rather than recertifying them. (More here: Due Dates and Reminders FAQ)
  2. When using this method, all Learners will be recertified based on the course they took previously. If you need to change the course, you can simply assign the new course to the Learner immediately, which will replace the recertification date for the previous version, or you can change the Recertification course.
  3. For all of those who have completed the previously assigned course, bulk update the Learners' Recertification Dates.
  4. When it's time to recertify, the Learners should be in "Due for Recertification" status, which will enable the use of the Bulk Recertify action. You can click the "Due for Recertification" filter button at the top of the Learners tab to get a list of these Learners. Review the list to assure that everything is correct.
  1. Check the boxes to select the Learners. You can only check boxes on one page at a time - if there are multiple pages of Learners to recertify, you can do one page at a time or use the Select All function. (Only if you want to take action on every learner)
  2. Once the Learners have been selected, the purple Action bar. Click "More" and choose "Recertify:"
  1. Click "Recertify" to confirm:
  1. That's it! The recertification courses will be assigned and your Learners will be notified!
It may be best to turn off Automatic Recertification to assure the course isn't sent to Learners before you're ready!

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