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Why was I charged?

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There are many possible answers to this question, but we'll go over the three most common reasons you may have been billed unexpectedly.

1. Your annual subscription was renewed

EasyLlama is a subscription-based platform. All accounts have automatic, annually-renewing subscriptions unless you have a multi-year contract or made explicit arrangements otherwise. We do not offer one-time or Pay-As-You-Go services. All Legacy Pay-As-You-Go accounts were upgraded to subscriptions by the end of 2022. Unless we receive and confirm a cancelation request by email at least 60 days before the renewal date found in your dashboard's billing tab, your subscription will be renewed.

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2. You had a seat-use overage and were charged Post-Pay to cover the upgrade.

Post-Pay allows you to seamlessly continue to assign training without the need to continuously count and add seats. You will be upgraded in increments of 10 seats. For example, if you subscribe to 100 seats, and use 4 seats over your annual subscription of 100, you will be automatically upgraded to the next subscription level of 110 immediately, and charged on the first day of the next month at your rate per your agreement.

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3. You had overage due to Automatic Recertification and were charged Post-Pay.

Automatic Recertification automatically assigns and sends out Recertification courses based on your Training Frequency settings under Settings > Recertification. This is one of our most popular features and is 'On' by default to assure seamless compliance. If you didn't have enough seats to cover the recertification training, a Post-Pay upgrade would occur, and you would be charged for the new seats.

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