Getting Started - Customizing your EasyLlama Dashboard

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Here are a few basic steps to set up your organization and get ready to start training!

🦙Llama Pro tip: To see a comprehensive setup video, click here: Onboarding with EasyLlama - A Video Introduction to EasyLlama - it's highly recommended for all admins!🦙
Adding Additional Dashboard Admins

Go to Settings > Users

Dashboard Admins can log in to your dashboard, add Learners, assign training, and other administrative functions. Learners do not need to be added as admins.

Go to Settings > Users > Add User > Add their name, email, and Type of Access. They will be sent a validation email giving them access. For more information on the different access levels, see Add Additional Dashboard Admins.

General Organization Settings

Go to Settings > Organization

  • Organization Name - You can make adjustments or corrections to your Organization's name, address, and Industry.
If there is industry-specific Harassment Prevention course for the Industry you choose for your organization, it will affect what course is assigned automatically by integration or file upload. If there is not, your Learners will be assigned the standard version. To be sure to assign the Standard version, you may leave this blank or choose "Other."
  • Logo (PRO and Enterprise only) – Here you can upload your logo to appear on your courses and certificates. Simply click “Choose File” to get started.
  • Brand Colors (PRO and Enterprise only) - Add your brand colors to change the color of some buttons and menus within your courses!
Training Settings

Go to Settings > Training Settings

  • Default Due Date: This is the default Due Date for all courses from the time they are assigned. If you would like to change the Due Date to a specific day or make changes to the Due Date of already-assigned courses, this can be done in bulk.
  • Automated Reminders – Click to toggle Automated Reminders on or off. Automated reminders will be sent to Learners.
    For more information on these, please see the Due Dates and Reminders FAQ
Recertification Settings

Go to Settings > Recertification

  • Recertification Frequency defines how often your Learners will be recertified on any given course. If you would like to customize how often your Learners need to recertify, you can change the values using the dropdowns to the right of each course title. More information about Recertification frequency can be found here: Training Recertification Frequency - How do I change how often a course is assigned?
  • Automatic Recertification Setting - This setting is found at the top-right corner of the Recertification tab. You can turn automatic recertification on off using the toggle. When enabled, Learners will be automatically assigned their recertifications and sent notifications on the day they are due to recertify. The week before, on Wednesday, the admin users will be sent an email letting you know who will be assigned recertification training the next week. For more on this topic click here: New! Automatic Training Recertification Assignment (Formerly known as renewals)

Go to Settings > Policies

Upload your Policies -You can upload PDF Documents of your Organization's policies, to be viewed and downloaded at the end of a course. You may upload different policies for each course type, and you may also choose multiple courses to connect to one policy. Just click the Upload button at the top-right and choose your policy and which course(s) it applies to, and give it a name!

Policy Acknowledgement - This feature will ask your Learners to acknowledge your uploaded policy when they have completed the course. As of today there is no e-sign feature, though we hope to add it in the near future! This setting can be found when uploading your Policy, or by clicking the three dots on the tile of the policy you already added and clicking "Edit"

Policy Acknowledgement is available for Enterprise accounts, and can be added to PRO accounts for a one-time fee. Please contact if you would like to add this feature.


Now that you have set up your dashboard, you're ready to add learners! Please see Adding Learners to your Dashboard next!

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