Proliant Integration

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Proliant is a one-way integration, native to the EasyLlama Dashboard. It's easy to set up, and will sync Learners nightly from Proliant to your EasyLlama dashboard. You may also auto-assign and send course links to your Learners.

To get started:

  1. If you are ready to set up the integration with Proliant, reach out to your Proliant Account Manager and request that the API be enabled for your account.
  2. The Account Manager will send you a User Security Form to authorize adding the integration to your account. Once this is signed by you and returned to the account manager, they will submit it to the integration team.
  3. Your Proliant Account Manager will advise you that API Connection is live.

Fields that Sync

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Start Date
  • Employment Type (Full time or Part Time, for example)
  • Phone
  • Department
  • Address: Work
  • Manager (The name of their Supervisor)
  • Role (Supervisor or Non-Supervisor)

To ensure a successful sync:

All new Learners must be fully onboarded in Proliant. 

All Learners must have a work address in Proliant.

  • This determines their location in EasyLlama, and what regional course they will be assigned (if applicable). Currently there are state-or region-specific courses for Harassment Prevention and HIPAA

Supervisors must have at least one direct report assigned in Proliant to appear as Supervisors in EasyLlama.

  • Important for Harassment Prevention training, since Supervisors should be assigned the Supervisor version

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