What is the US "All-states" Harassment Prevention course, and how is it different from the US version?

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US All States was created to cover the mandates for all states that have specific training mandates (CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, WA) - this was created for employees who work in multiple states, or just to simplify training assignment for companies with employees in different states. There is also a Supervisor version, which comes in handy for Supervisors who manage employees in other states. These courses assure mandate compliance in these situations, and allow Supervisors to understand the mandates in the states of their direct reports. Both Supervisor and Non-Supervisor versions are two hours long to meet all of the US state length requirements.

The US course is for states other than CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY or WA. It's shorter than the other versions because there is no state-specific information, and no mandated length requirement. Most employers with learners in Non-Mandate states assign the regular US version. 

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