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Courses assigned through Classrooms do not generate recertification dates, so will not work in conjunction with the Automatic Recertification feature. Recertification for courses taken in Classrooms will need to be assigned manually to individuals or the individuals will need to be enrolled in a new Classroom when due to recertify.

Classrooms allow you to present the same courses we offer for individuals but in a classroom context. You will need someone to administrate and click next, complete the activities, answer quizzes, etc. while presenting to the Classroom. We suggest keeping it interactive by answering the questions, doing activities as a group, and planning some time for Q&A throughout and at the end of the course.

When the course has been completed, it will be completed for everyone you have added to the classroom, and certificates will be generated for all!

The Classrooms feature is disabled by default and must be enabled by EasyLlama for a one-time activation fee. Please contact if you have paid for Classrooms and it has not been enabled or would like to have it enabled.

Before Getting Started
  • Make sure you have added the Learners who will be taking the course to your dashboard. If you have not, you can find help here: Adding Learners to your Dashboard
  • Ensure the course you want to provide in the Classroom is not assigned to the learners you plan to add. Adding learners to a Classroom assigns the Classroom-connected course, and Learners who have already been assigned the course individually will not be added to the Classroom. If you need help unassigning individual courses, please review here: Unassigning Courses - Removing Assigned Courses/Replacing Incorrectly Assigned Courses
Steps to set up Classroom training 
  1. Click on the Classrooms tab in your EasyLlama Dashboard. 
  2. Click "Create Classroom."
  3. Give your Classroom a name and choose a course. Then click the "Create & Add Learners" Button
  4.  At the top left click "Assign new Learners" and then a pop-up will allow you to search among your Learners. Note: This is a multi-select so you can choose several Learners at once! When you are done selecting Learners, click back on the box to close the list of Learners and click "Next" to finish creation. 

Note: You may also add Learners to a classroom in bulk, and even create a Classroom if you don't have one set up yet! Just check the boxes next to their names and then select "More" from the purple action bar that appears and choose "Add to Classroom" - you will have the option to add them to an existing Classroom or set up a brand new one!

Add or remove Learners before you start the Classroom - attendance should be taken before the class begins to ensure everyone who is there gets credit, and those who are not there are not incorrectly marked as completed - to do this go to the Classrooms tab > Click the name of the classroom you want to edit. Remove Learners by clicking "Remove" next to their name. Add more using the same steps you used to add the initial Learners. 

Starting the Class
  1. Click on the name of the Classroom in your Dashboard. 
  2. Take attendance and add or remove anyone as needed. 
  3. Click "Start Classroom" > Open Now**
  4. Proceed with showing the course.
  5. Certificates will be available when completed!

**IMPORTANT: When you click Open now, there is an option to Copy+Paste a link. This should not be sent to learners. If a Learner opens the link and completes the training it will be completed for everyone in the Classroom. This link can be sent to someone presenting the course if they do not have dashboard access. 

Note: When opening the Classroom training, one Learner's name will appear on the training, but it will be completed for everyone and the certificates will be generated in their individual names!

Certificates: Certificates will be available on each Learner's individual record. You can also go to the List of Classrooms, click the three dots to the right of the Classroom, and download all the certificates from that class. 

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