Why is a course not showing as completed?

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We see this scenario frequently: A Learner says they have completed a course, but when we look at the dashboard, their record doesn't reflect the completion. There are several possible explanations for this, so let's go over some of the most common reasons.

  • The Learner completed the course using someone else's link. See more about this here: Why is the wrong name on the certificate or appearing throughout the course?
  • Occasionally a Learner thinks they need to log in to our website - often because they know they need to take EasyLlama training, but may not have received their link. This sometimes leads to them signing up for and completing a free demo version of the course. These courses may not be transferred to your dashboard or used for compliance purposes.
  • Sometimes an admin user sends themselves a demo of a course from the Training Library in the dashboard. These are demos only. Admin Users need to take the course from their Learner record. More about this can be found here: How do dashboard admins complete training?
Duplicate Learner profiles or courses
  • The Learner has a duplicate record in your dashboard and they completed the course on that record. If you have a short list of employees, simply scroll through the Learners to see if you can spot a duplicate. You can also type in a few letters of the Learner's name in the search bar at the top of the Learner's tab and search for them. We recommend using the last name, in case the first name is a nickname, shortened name, or preferred name. You may also want to look for misspellings, or even search by an email address.
  • The Learner completed the course, but it was assigned to them again on the same record. Click on the Learner's name to access their record. If this is the case, you will see the course in both their Current Assignments and Completed sections as shown below. In this case, unless the Learner took the course a while ago and is due to recertify, you can simply unassign the duplicate course: Unassign Function - Removing and Replacing Assigned Courses
The course was not fully completed.
  • The Learner thinks they have completed the course, but were not quite finished with it. This has happened when you can see a partially completed course on a Learner's profile. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some examples:
  • Some courses have "gauge" slides at the beginning and end of a course where the Learner clicks to indicate how well-versed they are on a topic or how prepared they are for a situation. Sometimes Learners think it has looped around to the same slide and they are done.
  • Some courses have links to websites - for example, our NY Harassment Prevention has links to some of NY's resources. Sometimes Learners click these and leave the training and think it's over.
  • Sometimes a Learner gets to one of the final few slides where the narrator congratulates them on completing the course and they close out immediately not realizing there are a couple of slides to click through to officially complete the course.
  • Sometimes a Learner doesn't complete all activities on a particular slide and gets no "Next" button and thinks the course has been completed. More here: No Next Button - Can't move to the Next Slide
LMS-Specific Issues
  • When using some LMS platforms, the Learner must click a button to complete the training, but they simply close the window, so their progress and completion are not sent to EasyLlama.
  • When starting the course using an LMS platform, a Learner may have been given their link by an admin so they could complete the course on a personal device. While they have completed it on their device, they may need to open the course again in the LMS for the completion to be sent to EasyLlama. If applicable, they may need to click a button to complete the course and have it sent to EasyLlama.

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