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CA Workplace Violence Prevention: Customization Pricing & Process

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As of July 1, 2024, California Senate Bill 553 mandates the creation of comprehensive site-specific workplace violence prevention plans across the state. At its core, SB 553 aims to shift California employers’ focus from reactive to proactive regarding workplace violence hazards.

In line with our legal team's interpretation of SB 553, EasyLlama offers customized versions of our CA Workplace Violence Prevention course, tailored to address the location-specific requirements of each organization.

Click here to download a PDF with this information: SB553 Process and Pricing

Customization Process

  1. Create your own Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (lawyer-verified template from EasyLlama available for use as a starting point).
  2. Consult with your legal counsel to tailor the WVPP to your organization’s unique location-specific requirements and legal obligations.
  3. Contact or your Account Manager to begin the customization process.
  4. Fill out and return EasyLlama’s customization worksheet using the details from your WVPP and join the customization queue.
  5. EasyLlama will create your custom training.
  6. Once complete, assign the course to your employees.


  • $500 for customization of our standard CA Workplace Violence course (first location).
  • $100 for each additional location.

We recommend joining the customization queue now to ensure training completion before the SB 553 deadline.

  • To comply with SB 553, employees must be trained by July 1, 2024.
  • Training must then take place annually.
  • If, during the year, changes are made to the WVPP or new workplace violence hazards are identified, additional training will be required.

Contact or your account manager today to start creating your organization’s personalized CA Workplace Violence Prevention course.

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