Onboarding with EasyLlama - A Video Introduction

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New to EasyLlama? Need a quick brush-up on how your dashboard functions? This video tutorial will provide you with all of the basics you need to manage your EasyLlama Dashboard!

Want to maximize the value of your EasyLlama subscription? Unlimited subscribers have access to Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys allow you to set up a sequence of courses for your Learners all at once. You can choose from our prebuilt Journeys or create your own, choosing from our extensive catalog of full length courses and Llama bites!

Not Unlimited yet? No Prob-llama! Reach out to accounts@easyllama.com to find out how you can upgrade today and assign unlimited courses and Journeys to your Learners!

The best part about Learning Journeys is that they are so easy to use! You can learn in under five minutes by watching the video below.

Prefer written instructions? We've got you covered with this article: New! Learning Journeys

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