What are Licenses, and how are they used?

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Licenses are Credits with a new name!

We now refer to credits as licenses, but they do the same thing: They are used to assign courses to Learners.

There are now two types of Licenses: Single and Unlimited

Single Licenses:

  • May be used to assign one course to one Learner.
  • Once a course has been completed to 10% or more, the license is considered used and cannot be returned for use with another Learner.

Unlimited Licenses

  • May be used to assign any number of courses to one Learner.
  • Unlimited licenses are not reusable seats. Once any course has been completed over 10%, the license is "sticky" to that Learner - it may be used to assign any number of courses to the same Learner, but may not be used for another Learner. This applies whether the Learner is active or if you archive them. Archiving a Learner who has a used license does not free up a license.

To learn more about recovering unused licenses, please refer to Unassigning Courses - Removing Assigned Courses/Replacing Incorrectly Assigned Courses

To learn more about upgrading to Unlimited, please refer to How do I add more licenses? Upgrading and downgrading your EasyLlama Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions About Licenses

Do licenses expire?

Licenses expire one year after purchase, unless you have signed a three-year contract, in which case all licenses will expire at the end of the contract.

Can a course still be taken after a license expires?

If a license has been used to assign a course, the course may still be taken after the license expires, but if that course is unassigned from a Learner, it will expire immediately and will not be refunded. If a course is very old, and in our old interface it's possible it may no longer work at some point.

Do I have to pay for archived Learners?

You do not pay for Learners, you pay for the licenses used to assign courses. If you add a Learner, but never assign any courses to them, you won't pay anything for them being in the dashboard.

Archiving a Learner does not reduce or change your subscription in any way. Your subscription is based on license usage, not the number of active Learners in your dashboard. If you need to downgrade, you must do so before your renewal date.

If you need to make changes to your subscription, you can find out more here: How do I add more licenses? Upgrading and downgrading your EasyLlama Subscription

Can I get a refund for unused licenses?

No, Licenses are non-refundable. We suggest using any extra licenses before they expire - you can use them to assign Leadership courses, Diversity courses, or other courses that may be beneficial to your or your employees!

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