Early Subscription Renewal Feature

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Is your subscription renewal data approaching, but you need more licenses now? If you are within 60 days of your renewal date you may be eligible to self-renew with the new Early Renewal feature. This feature allows you to renew your subscription and get your licenses early.

This feature is available to most Starter and PRO accounts. simply go to Settings > Billing in your dashboard. You'll use the same path you would to add more licenses. If your account is eligible for early self-renewal, you will see the screen below. You can simply click on the "Click here to renew now" link to renew your subscription immediately. You will be given the total and asked to confirm. Once you confirm, you will be charged to your primary payment method and the licenses will be provisioned.

If you need fewer licenses, please be sure to downgrade before renewing early. See this article: How do I add more licenses? Upgrading and downgrading your EasyLlama Subscription

Don't see this as an option? Reach out to accounts@easyllama.com to request early renewal and an Account Manager will assist you with your renewal.

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